Get To Know ScooterBug

ScooterBug delivers value added fleet mobility and enhanced guest service programs to entertainment venues and customers worldwide. Our dedicated professional staff provides our customers with the superior and dependable service we have built our reputation on. As a company, ScooterBug brings “vision” and practicality together to create optimized programs that are always, “just the right fit.”

Fleet Mobility Solutions

ScooterBug has a solution that can help you improve the guest experience, save capital, and even help generate new revenue through guest mobility services. Let us show you how!​

An Industry Leader

With guest mobility product programs for the Leisure and Entertainment industries including theme parks, zoos, malls, casinos, resorts, and other destination locations.

Online Reservations

ScooterBug offers consumers the ability to secure a mobility product with a fast and easy reservation process. Make your reservations now. Click here now, to get started!

Safe and Simple Mobile Solutions

All ScooterBug products have been carefully designed to include the features, functions, and durability required to meet the needs and challenges of high guest volume venues, as well as accommodating the broadest range of guest demographics. ScooterBug products can also be customized to match branding, logos, and corporate artwork when required.

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