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ScooterBug Deploys and Supports Mobility Equipment at Some Of The World's Largest Convention Centers

Over the past three decades, the meeting and convention industry has evolved dramatically from a budding industry to a mature one that has become an important driver of the national economy. With great growth over the past decade, the convention center industry is entering a new stage of the industry’s lifecycle. Rapid growth in the supply of exhibit space has allowed rapid growth in the industry, as groups that formerly had no appropriate exhibition venue available now have many facilities competing for their business.

As an established industry, continued evolution and growth will come not from latent demand sources, as occurred during the last few decades. Rather, industry growth will depend on new demand, which is affected by numerous factors such as the cost of travel, the importance of face-to-face interaction in certain industries, improvements in facility design, resources available to promote events, and overall growth trends in the national economy.

Convention centers benefit from having guest mobility equipment that is easy and affordable. With ScooterBug, we have shown convention centers around the country just how easy it is to generate revenue and deliver a great guest experience. Are you ready to learn more?

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