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Providing Great Patient Care Is Critical, But Offering Easy Guest Mobility Takes The Experience To Another Level

The US health care industry includes about 3,600 hospital organizations that operate roughly 6,500 hospitals with combined annual revenues of about $860 billion. Major companies include Ascension Health, Catholic Health Initiatives, HCA (Hospital Corporation of America), Kaiser Permanente, and Tenet Healthcare. The industry is fragmented: the top 50 organizations generate about 30 percent of revenue. Demand for hospital services is driven by demographics, illness and injury rates, and advances in medical care and technology. Have you outfitted your hospital or health care venue with guest mobility solutions that make sense?

The profitability of individual companies depends on efficient operations, since many hospitals offer similar services, and customer perception, since in many cities hospitals compete for patients. Hospitals also compete for physicians, and seek to attract doctors with state-of-the-art equipment and an attractive work environment. Large companies have advantages in buying supplies, sharing best practices, and negotiating contracts with health insurers.

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