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Even On The Seven Seas, ScooterBug Is Making Guest Mobility Easy!

The cruise industry never seems to stop innovating, reinventing itself and improving. Most contemporary ships today vastly outpace land-based resorts and hotels in terms of service, variety of foods, entertainment and cleanliness. In addition, ships are safer – without access for anyone but passengers and crew, and onboard security measures. Cruise vacations can be excellent choices for travelers with disabilities, but having access to mobility equipment options is key. It’s important to note that vessels built during the past few years are more likely to have purpose-built staterooms, usually in more than one category and conveniently located for easy access to elevators.

Most lines adhere closely to ADA requirements, and some even go several steps beyond. For older ships, cruise lines often retrofit staterooms to conform, but these cabins are never quite as good as cabins specifically designed for accessible cruising.

Hotels & Resorts

Guest Mobility on Premise at Any Hotel or Resort Can Be Difficult. Except With ScooterBug

This is a time of unprecedented change. Customers are changing, markets are changing. The needs and wants of your guest are changing. There is unprecedented opportunity for new revenue to be generated, and there are new markets that will provide an opportunity for growth.

Whether the hotel is business or leisure, budget or luxury, guests expect to feel special, to have their expectations met, to have their experiences built around them. This is not just about the “soft” issues of ensuring they have the right kind of pillow on their bed or can gain access to the spa when they want it.

It is also they get around if they have mobility challenges. The new breed of traveler will know what to expect before they arrive at their destination. They will have done their research, and what will differentiate the venue for the guest, is the overall guest experience. Have you made the customer experience better with mobility options at your hotel or resort?

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