Products & Solutions… The Value Added Difference

ScooterBug delivers value added fleet mobility and enhanced guest service programs to customers in the US, Canada, Mexico, Asia, Middle East, and Europe. With guest mobility product programs for the Leisure and Entertainment industries, including theme parks, zoos, malls, casinos, resorts and other destination locations, ScooterBug is the leader in providing custom solutions. To address the needs of commercial industries, we provide commercial grade personal scooters, high-quality strollers, and wheelchairs built for heavy use. These products are designed to meet the performance standards of the most demanding environments.

Our commitment to unparalleled service has earned us our reputation as a dependable partner. Our turnkey programs address customer-specific operational requirements. Working across a variety of industries, ScooterBug tailors solutions that deliver results beyond expectations.

Our unique approach for each business partner requires no upfront capital investment, and includes these options:
No Up Front Capital Costs for Product Acquisition

With our uniquely designed programs there are no upfront capital costs for product acquisition. None of the products or services we provide requires capital outlay, which offers you more flexibility within your operating budget.

Our Value-Add Fleet Service Advantage

ScooterBug provides turnkey solutions that are specifically designed to meet your guest mobility needs. From strollers and electric convenience vehicle (ECV) scooters to wheelchairs and resort chairs, we define, deliver, install, train, and maintain your mobility and guest needs so you can focus on your business advantage.

Unique and Customized Products

ScooterBug products are carefully designed and selected with the features, functions and durability required to meet the demanding challenges of our customers’ environments. Every product can be branded with images and color to match existing brands and themes.

Comprehensive Maintenance Service Program

All of our programs provide complete product maintenance services. ScooterBug takes care of the parts and labor required to keep the equipment in top shape, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Revenue Share Program​​

  • We deliver, install, and service a mobility fleet or guest amenity service and share in revenues generated from guest use.

Lease/Rental Service Program​​

  • A turnkey solution managing all equipment capital outlay, planning, maintenance and parts service for a fixed on-going fee.
  • Our dedicated service teams deliver the advantage you need, so you can manage your business, not your inventory.

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